Granville Plus Youth Arts Centre

Tuesday night saw me and Adam back at Granville, with an almost totally new group. They did some amazing writing, and hopefully Jodi-Ann will be at the event later to perform her piece, which was definitely a stand-out for me…

The art group were also making kites, so that as people finished their writing they could move through and transfer some favourite lines on to the kites – thanks so much to Rebecca and all the talented young artists involved!

Here are those new poems:

Strapped to a chair unable to move my limbs
Stranded in the dark night and can’t spread my wings
Strangled by the sour scent of bombs, unrelated to my family
I am the polluted air
I hover over the city and project my fears
An unwanted child. A dead strand of hair.
Oh dear.
A branchless tree.
Treading this narrow road without company.
Listen to my disjointed symphony
Can you hear me?

by Jodi-Ann

I see the dark,
I don’t see the path
Some may be frightened
With the bark
Shiver as if I were blown away
Ignorant choose not to listen to me
Wisdom comes for free
Coming to the end of a long dark shadowed road
Would rather be by the shallow sea
Writing on bricks
Under a lonely tree, the wind blows
Through it’s branches
It sighs happily
Lost, nowhere to hide
But in my mind
It isn’t my fault I
Was born this way
Just hope for the
Day I see the light…

By David

It was an ordinary day
For Peter and his mother May
They wanted a taste of the solid hot air
They drove off without a care
But halfway there
Mother May became a pain in the backside
Trying to get things out of her secretive son.
He left the car
No idea where they were
And sooner rather than later there was
Cracks in the pavement, the breeze was lifting him off his feet
His shoes were falling apart as he reached the start of the bridge
30 minutes passed, 45 minutes passed
He was losing breath
Walking in the heat, as hot as the desert
He felt he was drained of strength
She cried tears that formed puddles, her yells scared birds
She collapsed and just laid there, she laid there and she prayed
Determination, dedication, those two words spun round her head
But she saw “DEAD END” and waved her flag
Two lost people
Dying of heart ache
Guess all endings cannot say “Happily ever after”
He wanted his head-master, she wanted a church and a talk from her pastor

By Deanne

Hope is my bright sunshine,
My bright sky, basically
Bright colours all round

Hope is my laughter
My happy screaming

Hope is sparkly
It is bright
It is soft
It is silky
And heart-warming

It smells sweet and sticky and tasty
It tastes sweet and sticky

Hope is anywhere
Just as long as you have hope in yourself
Hope will follow

By Alice


Adam Kammerling again:

“At Granville we had a bit more time. We held the same discussions as at St. Augustines, and ran the same prompts but the students developed their writings into individual pieces. The students all produced fantastic poems and the range of voices in the group was astounding. From rhyming, almost rap style flows, to narratives encompassing Nature’s extremes, everyone brought something different to the session. Read on!”

Hope is waking up in the morning
And watching the sun creep over the
Hills to brighten up your day.
It is the sound of the birds as they wake
And greet each other.

By Miguel


The cry of an eagle makes the gentle wave ROAR on the rocks
That makes the gentle breeze on my face that signals to me to
Dive into the ocean and swim with the dolphins to leap on
One of them and hitchhike a wave which is a tsunami.
As I rise above the trees the tsunami calms down to the point
Where there is no sign of anything living until I hear the cry
Of an eagle and I know that the only thing living is the king of
The sky and his two cries give me the power to see his crown.

By Joseph

When you live with no hope,
Some people do drugs and turn to dope.
When this happens they cannot sleep,
When they are in debt 100 feet deep.
They sleep in boxes in alley ways,
And they sleep all night and beg all day.
Sometimes they sit, think & wonder,
What they might have become if they weren’t pulled asunder
Would they be smart, happy & rich,
He knew it couldn’t happen now that he lived in a ditch
That’s when the thunder & lightning began to rumble
& that’s when a man, who was ever so humble
Lifted me up and took me to his house
When I got on my hands & knees like a mouse
Thanking him for his kindness and keeping me fed
I am ever so grateful now that I have a bed.

By Ciaron

If distraught is disaster
He who or whoever laugh last
It wasn’t my laughter
Heart pacing faster
Inhale life without
Giving an F
So I lie low
Head strong
So I can’t be
Controlled –
I’m alone.

By Wise

Hope is a burning flame
Which drives you to be great
You can find it in heart
And there’s where it remains
Its a million cheers in the back
Of your head, pushing you to be great.
When you’re finding things hard in life
Looking at the brighter side To things
and not forgetting
What drives you to do the things you do.
Dreaming is the biggest part of hope
If you hope for today well i hope
To see another day. When I hope for
Future I hope for many better days with
Everyone screaming my name
From the crowd. I hope for another
To make their dreams come true

By Lyshae